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Our institution, established in June of 1997, was the first independently owned child-care centre in Oxford, Alabama. From humble beginnings, and licensed only for 90 children, we outgrew our initial facility within ten years which allowed us to acquire the expansive property we operate on now. Accommodating up to 171 children, we ensure that your child is taken care of by providing hot breakfast, lunch, and snacks all prepared on-site, with love. Keeping up with our dedication to your child's education, Kids First Childcare now offers the only Early Learning Headstart program in the area. Celebrating 23 years of fulfilling and heartwarming work, we thank you for allowing us to teach, love, care for, and prepare your children for school.

Class Structure

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Ages: 4 weeks to 18 months

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Ages: 3 years

(potty trained)

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Ages: 18 months to 24 months

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Ages: 4 years

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Ages: 24 months to 36 months

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Ages: Pre-K

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Ages: 3 years old

(not potty-trained)

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Ages: Kindergarten+

Early Head Start Program

We are proudly partnered with the State of Alabama's Early Head Start-Child Care Program. We have three age-blended Early Head Start classrooms. This is a pre-qualified program and requires parents and students to apply for eligibility. Check out the resources below to learn more about the advantages of enrolling your child in our Early Head Start classrooms!


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